Wednesday is Jersey Day!


The Homeroom with the most students wearing a jersey from their favorite team wins an allegedly fabulous prize!


Undergrad Recognition Assembly

Early this month Bluefield recognized the following students for their work in grade 10/11

Grade 10 College Prep Award Dylan Smith
Grade 10 College Prep Award Cynthia Young
Grade 11 College Prep Award Mason Murray
Grade 11 College Prep Award Bradley Vail
Third Place Grade 10 Maddy MacDonald
Third Place Grade 10 Corrin Doucette
Third Place Grade 10 Lauren Rogerson
Third Place Grade 10 Donald Dewolfe
Third Place Grade 10 Isaac Cheverie
Second Place Grade 10 Jaxon Bagnall
Second Place Grade 10 Niko Coady
Second Place Grade 10 Grace Coles
Second Place Grade 10 Alana Worth
Second Place Grade 10 Madeleine Crawford
First Place Grade 10 Courtney Jameson
First Place Grade 10 Grant Wolters

Third Place Grade 11 Amy MacQuarrie
Third Place Grade 11 Dylan May
Second Place Grade 11 Cara Stevenson
Second Place Grade 11 Stephanie Veitch
Second Place Grade 11 Evan Larkin
Second Place Grade 11 Shelby Lynne Dalziel
Second Place Grade 11 Olivia Thompson
First Place Grade 11 Tayler Harvey
First Place Grade 11 Luke Schipper
First Place Grade 11 Julia Richardson


Help Support Student Council By Purchasing Cavendish Farms Fries For $2.00 at Lunch


Bobcats Rock CSLC

Bluefield students and teacher advisors finish spending 4 days in Halifax at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference. 

12042609_1176022159079165_3200497653852390700_nMadison Vincent, Matt Ramsay, Alden MacPhail, Ms. Lynn Clow, Hadeya Okeofor, Ms. Tamara Gavard, Jack MacPhail, Niko Coady, Grace Clow, Madeleine Crawford, Jack Robinson. Ms. Melanie Headley, Jenny Shea Howett, & Olivia Thompson