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What Happens To Exams If There Is Bad Weather?

In the event of an Island-wide school closure on Wednesday, January 25 all exams will move ahead one day. ex. Provincial Math Assessment and Block B would then be written on Thursday, January 26th.
In the event of an Island-wide school one hour delay on Wednesday, January 25 all exams will be written on that day but start time would then be 10 am instead of 9 am.
Bluefield Special Circumstance
If there is a closure in one or more families of schools, and Bluefield is open for the day (regular hours or on a one hour delay) then Bluefield will follow this exam schedule:
Wednesday January 25th – Block B Exams
Thursday January 26th – Provincial Math Assessment
Friday January 27th – Block C Exams
Monday January 30th – Block D Exams
Tuesday January 31st – Block A Exams



Due to the inclement weather, our winter formal has been moved to Wednesday, December 21st.


Mrs. Headley’s Law 521A class headed to the PEI Supreme Court to conduct their mock trials.