Bluefield Donates Blood


Last year Bluefield’s Young Blood for Life members tied for ninth place out of 355 high schools across Canada and won the Island competition. To be a member, one would have to be a student, alumni, a parent, or a teacher (past or present).

This year we have booked the third Tuesday evening of each month at Canadian Blood Services (85 Fitzroy St., Charlottetown). Donors can sign-up with Mr. Theuerkauf (Rm. 273) or make an appointment anytime. Call 892-3700 or 1- 888- 236-6283 or email to make an appointment.

Giving blood leaves one with a euphoric feeling and truly helps others in need. Plus there are great treats like raison bread and chocolate milk. Thank you for your consideration.

On Tuesday, December 10, Canadian Blood Services will be in the lobby to test your blood type.

The next group blood donation is at 6 pm on Tuesday, December 17 at Canadian Blood Services.

Lloyd Theuerkauf